How To Start and Operate a Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Business

These sessions of "How To Start and Operate a Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Business" will take you from the very beginning, when you're only thinking about starting this business, to organizing it and finally to the point where you will collect your fees in checks or credit card payments.
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How To Start and Operate a Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Business




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Feb 21, 2016

This is a short, special call to action session where I’m going to ask you for a favor.

Whether you’ve been listening to this podcast with the possibility of one day starting this business, or whether you followed along and actually started your business, step by step, OR whether you’re already an established dog walker and pet sitter who’s looking to hear what another dog walker has to say, I’d love to hear from you.

Send an email to and let me know a little bit about yourself … whether you’re an established dog walker; whether you’re still thinking about it … whether you have specific questions. Let me know whether you have Skype or ooVoo.
Feb 17, 2016

Session 11 – Sales


Sales is the process of convincing those people who know about your business through your marketing, to hire you.


Sales Literature:

+ Who Am I – A brief description of yourself

+ Services Offered – Discussion of your services and their prices

+ FAQs – Facts about your services and your business


Closing a sale is the process of getting a Prospect to agree to pay for your services and become your Customer.


Sales Principles

Customers will always make decisions based on their self-interest.

Customers prefer a good deal over a fair deal.


When making your presentation, explain, educate and answer questions.


The Presumptive Sales Technique pushes the meeting closer to an agreement by having you talk to your prospect as if he was already your customer.


Another principle of Sales is that you have to CLOSE a prospect at least THREE times, meaning that you have to ask for the job at least THREE times before it registers with the prospect.


If the Presumptive Sales Technique fails, Close your prospect by Asking for the Job.


Don’t fear rejection … remember, it’s not personal if it comes; it’s just business, and even if you do your presentations correctly, you will loose a few jobs.


Advanced Sales Techniques:

+ MIRROR your prospect’s speech tempo; do NOT imitate your prospects dialect or accent.

+ Include both parties in your presentation.

+ Determine who the dominant person in the decision-making team is by placing your business card equidistant between both parties. The dominant person will pick up the card.

+ Determine if your prospect is an A-Type or B-Type Person and adjust your presentation accordingly

          ++ A-Type wants the Big Picture; just the facts, please

          ++ B-Type wants all the facts; detail oriented


Preparing for your Meet-And-Greet:

+ DO NOT BE LATE; arrive 3 to 5 minutes early

+ Memorize your prospect’s name as well as that of the pet

+ Dress appropriately; clean dog walking attire

+ Wear Clean Shoes

+ Pull the prospect towards you by stepping backwards as the door opens

+ Pay attention to the pet

+ Bring treats for the pet; ask first

+ Take notes

+ After the Meet-And-Greet, immediate email a Thank You note.


Good luck!